Reasonable assurance against predictable threats

Privacy Beacon is a boutique consultancy providing Cyber Security, Information Security and Data Protection services.

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We aim to help you achieve a state of being secure, relative to value and operational risk so you can measure and prioritise business risk.


We partner with agile organisations and independent consultants we trust and acknowledge both competence and flexibility so we can provide a differentiated service from other consultancies. We focus on your results, and not your co-dependence of our services.

Broadlightprivacy beacon are Cloud Experts. We guide our clients to evolve and adopt the next generation of DevOps culture.

CyberGigprivacy beacon is a transparent and refreshing twist to talent acquisition.


Contributor to Hacker Highschool publications

Contributed with content for the Hacker Highschool publications - Security awareness for teens publication from ISECOM.

Contributor to ISO 27000 security standards

Contributed to numerous ISO 27000 family security standards, namely in the Network, Mobile and Telco security standards.

Wardley mapping for Cyber Security

How to approach development of strategy using Wardley mapping for Information Security and Cyber Security context.
Led sessions at the Open Security Summit on applying Wardley mapping strategy development. This work will keep being developed and is released as Creative Commons, namely on application of Doctrine for the security industry.

Cyber Essentials Compliance Mapping

Wardley mapping for Security Open Security Summit outcomes