The complexity of modern day cyber security and the evolving threat landscape, coupled with Cyber Security skills shortage that affects the industry and the importance of adopting appropriate security measures as assurance to shareholders and consumers is now seen as necessity in today's challenging market and regulatory environment, unfortunately this helps create too much noise and vendors in the market and a "silver-bullet" approach promoted by many.


Navigating the hype and FUD is more difficult than ever, but the truth is that a combination of the security basics, pragmatism and an understanding of your predictable threats, according to your business operations and business sector, is how you ensure you build a security story of due diligence and informed decision making.


Whether you're a small company or a large corporate, we're confident we can help you move your security needle in the right direction, not representing any products or assigning as many resources as we can generating co-dependency, but by understanding your individual needs, helping you mature in your journey and either providing or helping you find the "skin-in-the-game" individuals who will deliver a quality service at a fair price.

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